Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board® is designed to establish criteria whereby fellow behavior analyst practitioners meet and adhere to the guidelines established in order to regulate and generalize practices throughout the world.

“The BACB® has established uniform content, standards, and criteria for the credential process that are designed to meet:

1.The legal standards established through

state, federal, and case law;

2.The accepted standards for national certification programs;

3.The "best practice" and ethical standards of the behavior analysis profession.”

- BACB® website

The BACB maintains three levels of certification:

- Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

- Board Certified Behavior Analyst

-Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral (Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral)

Tutoring available for the BCBA exam

•Individual or group tutoring available upon request

•Let me help you pass the exam by being your tutor

•Mock Tests

•Current Text Books

•Custom Tutoring to fit the needs of the individual

•Target areas of Task List

•Supervised Independent Fieldwork

I am able to supervise your fieldwork and help you get to your goal of taking (and passing) the BCBA exam! My available includes face-to-face supervision. This includes field supervision and office supervision. I am available throughout the Los Angeles County and am also able to make special arrangements for surrounding counties (e.g. Orange County, San Bernardino County, etc.). Long distance supervision is another option. I am free for supervision via video modeling in the field, webcam, skype / oolong, and telephone/email supervision. All mandated requirements mandated by the BCBA with be met for supervision.

Total hours required: 1500

Supervised hours % of total hours: 5%

Total number of supervised hours: 75

Frequency of supervisor contacts: 1 every 2 weeks

•Both parties must pay particular attention to Sections 1, 2, and three of the BCBA Guidelines. Both parties must adhere to the Guidelines of responsible conduct.

BACB certificants must accumulate continuing education credit to maintain their credentials.*